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Posted by James on January 16, 2010 under Tasty Planet | 10 Comments to Read

I'm gonna eat you!

I’ve been working for a couple weeks on a sequel to Tasty Planet. We haven’t finalized the story or setting for the new game, but we’ve picked a general direction and things are moving along. Here are some features that we have in mind:

  • Larger scale in levels. We want the ability to go from really small to really large in a single level instead of spread across multiple levels.
  • Many more levels. I’ve been working on tools to speed up our ability to generate content.
  • New physics system. This will make object interactions feel better.
  • 2-Player Cooperative play. Should be super fun for parents who like to play the game with their kids.
  • New visuals. Kris has started experimenting with different visual styles.

I’ll be posting more as development continues.

  • mrspockfan said,

    Looking forward to this sequel. Just remember to go easy on the time requirements for the gold medals, please.

  • James said,

    Yeah, the medals will be easier. Gold will still be hard to get, but not as hard as some of the original Tasty Planet medals.

  • Wendi said,

    Wow! Really? i am a huge fan of the original game (I play it once every day to be exact!) and I cannot wait for the sequel!

  • Aradan69 said,

    Hi James,
    I am so glad to hear this bit of news. I emailed you a while ago, maybe this time last year? regarding Tasty Planet and if you where going to be working on a sequal or if they where plans on updating the original. I thank you for your reply and words of encouragement for me to learn to program games, my game learning code was based off your Tasty Planet idea (dont worry, no graphics, sounds or code was used from your works, it was just inspiration and great practice if anyones thinking of starting to program games). Anyways, i didnt release anything it was just for my own curiosity and learning.

    I can not wait to see what you guys come up with for a sequal. Let me know if you need some inspiration if your working and get a bit brain dead one (I know this happens when creating games now :) ). Oh and maybe something like a Global Hiscores system would be a good idea (just use a server for saving the hiscores too).

    Cheers James and good look with the sequal. (oh and greetings to your wife who does awesome work, also, keep going, never let anyone hold ya back)

    -Andy Whiteman (aka Aradan69)

  • Talec said,

    “2-Player Cooperative play. Should be super fun for parents who like to play the game with their kids.”

    Ooh, that’s a good thought. Some of my favorite childhood memories are of playing co-op with my dad 😀 (and had to controller-swap for most of them because of no real co-op mode!)

  • bryan said,

    i`m with wendi

  • James said,

    2 player is in the game and quite fun. Controls can be switched between mouse, arrow keys, or ASDF keys. So one player can use the mouse while another uses keyboard. Or both can use keyboard. (no multi-mouse support though).

  • MATTB777 said,

    “I’m gonna eat you!!!!” LOL.

  • Nonething said,

    It’s Coming In Year 2013. if Yes,Just Say Me The Date

  • Nonething said,


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