Tasty Planet is on iPhone

Posted by James on February 2, 2011 under Tasty Planet | 12 Comments to Read

Our latest project is finally complete and approved by Apple. Tasty Planet for iPhone is now available on the App Store. It has Retina Display support and it works with all iPhone and iPod Touches (yes, even if you only have iOS 3). I’ll hopefully do some posts about some of the issues that we had in development, but right now I have a lot of marketing activities that need to be completed.

  • bryan said,

    To bad I can`t play it on the go. :`(

  • Hanry said,

    Hwllo James.Can you tell me what is the ”Energy Entity” from TP1?

  • James said,

    It is an entity made up of pure energy. Basically, a life form that has evolved beyond the need for a physical body… It’s sort of a sci-fi cliche: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/EnergyBeings

  • Hanry said,

    Thanks.And can you tell me what is the ”Giant Amoeba” from TP1?

  • James said,

    … It’s sort of a big space monster. It has evolved to live in outer space. (Again, it’s a bit of a sci-fi cliche to have large creatures living in space – it seems to be an especially popular plot in Star Trek episodes)

  • Marcus said,

    Wen does tp2 come out for the iphone

  • James said,

    @Marcus Probably in a couple months. We’re just about the release the iPhone version of Laser Dolphin. Then we’ll be dividing our time between a brand new game and porting TP2 to iPhone.

  • Tod said,

    When I play TP2,on the main menu screen is the picture of Grey Goo,the scientist,and some things that you eat in the game.When I finish the “Two player” mod,there appears a golden trophy,and I never had this trophy before in main menu.What is this?

  • Timmy said,

    I’ve heared that you release a TP1 version on iPad and iPhone,that include a bonus level with laser dolphins.Will you make a version of TP1 with bonus level,also for PC?

  • James said,

    If you get all gold medals in single player or two player, you’ll get a corresponding trophy that shows up on the title screen.

  • James said,

    Probably not, that was just a little promotion that we did when we released Laser Dolphin for iOS.

  • MATTB777 said,

    I love it! 😀

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