Tasty Planet: Back for Seconds Released

Posted by James on September 13, 2010 under General | 36 Comments to Read

It’s officially out now. New trailer below.

I made a few updates to the game. Most important was a fix that was preventing the game from working on some Macs (possibly all PowerPC Macs – but I’m not entirely sure). I also tweaked a few levels based on feedback from users. If you already bought the game and want the updated game, you download link should still be working so you can re-download. If it’s not email me and I’ll hook you up with a new link.

I’m going to send out a press release and some review copies now.

  • Strawberry said,

    Awesome! Cats with lazers… now I’ve seen everything.

  • bryan said,

    do you have any ideas for tasty planet 3?

  • mrspockfan said,

    No tasty Planet 3 before Three Musketeers 2.

  • James said,

    Haha, we haven’t given it much thought. Right now we’re trying to get as much coverage and distribution as possible for it. And we’re going on vacation.

  • Kren said,

    vacation? great! you guys deserve it! but, just a few quick things before you go, please?
    1: What are the updates? I couldn’t find any changes…
    2: In the 3rd level (in the normal level set, not challenge level) I can’t seem to get better than bronze. Was this level made in the update? Also, any tips for at least silver? The only levels I hate (scratch that, DISLIKE) are levels based on luck, by what comes on the screen. I can’t get past bronze on Bones either, but at least I know if I keep at it, I’ll get better, because nothing moves except me, so there is a concrete method to get gold (and no, I have NOT googled such a method yet.)
    3: I love the way you ended each “zone”. Outstanding.
    4: I forgot.
    Have fun on vacation, and stay in touch with this website please!

  • James said,

    We’re actually back from our vacation already!

    Be sure to check out the forums (forums.dingogames.com) – I have been posting information on updates there. You will definitely want to download the latest version because there was a mouse input fix that may be affecting you.

    I posted a gold medal video for Lab Cats and Lab Rats here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nr1XL5HGkHQ
    It is true that the randomized levels don’t allow you to just memorize the correct route. However, you can usually learn where entities are likely to come from, and you can come up with a good strategy based on that. The medal times are certainly easier (and rely less on good luck) than Tasty Planet 1. After you get all the golds, be sure to check out the high scores!

  • Wendi said,

    Hey! I haven’t played the game yet, but I’ve been waiting, and when I saw it on your list for downloads I almost screamed in delight.

    Looks good…enough to eat!

  • Mihai 72 said,

    This is a cool game.But I have a little question.Can you answer me please? In the first level of Ancient Egypt,when I grow almost big enough to pass the level,there is only a few things left to eat around the table.When I eat them,the helper arrow show me that I can eat the mummy and then I pass the level.There is a way to eat the mummy?

  • James said,

    I don’t think you would be able to eat that mummy – the goo is on the floor so the table is in his way. Obviously there are other mummies in the game to eat. :)

  • Mihai 72 said,

    Ok.Thanks.But can you answer at this two? 1)In TP1,when I activate super fast or go trough walls ,in battom left of my screen appears:”Cheat activated – Level does not count”.I pass a level whith gold but when I going to level select there appears silver not gold.The cheat can’t help me to obtained the gold? and 2)Do you know the name of the two scientist?

  • James said,

    1) That’s correct. The “cheats” are just for fun, you have to play without cheats to get a better time/medal.

    2) I don’t think we ever named them. We call them old scientist and young scientist/assistant (I’m not sure that we ever decided whether or not he has his PhD.. maybe he’s just a grad student…)

  • Mihai 72 said,

    Ok.Have you pictures,artworks,draws or anything about things that you eat in TP1 and TP2,but in bidimensional?

  • James said,

    I’m not sure what you mean. I’m guessing “bidimensional” is the same as “2-dimensional”, or 2d. The game art is in 2d, so I’m not sure…

  • Mihai 72 said,

    Yes,bidimensional is 2D and I now the game it’s in 2D.But the game it’s in top-view.I mean if you have in front-view.

  • James said,

    Ah, I see what you mean. No, we don’t have any front-view drawings.

  • Dave said,

    When you make TP3? I see how cool are TP1 and TP2,and I can’t wait for TP3.

  • James said,

    We have a few other projects lined up before we do TP3. But we’ll probably do it eventually.

  • Apple23 said,

    In TP2,if you grow big enough the screen is zoom out.In the last level with dinosaurs(when you eat the volcano)you can zoom out one more screen without eat the volcano?

  • James said,

    No, you have to eat the volcano – that ends the level.

  • bryan said,

    Can you make the game of toilet paper 3 have a level editor?

  • james2 said,

    I want like a tasty planet 3 that you have to eat the different countries like in the US you have to eat every thing and the Statue of Liberty and for France you have to eat everything and the Eiffel Tower and so on for the other countries!

  • James said,

    @james2 Yeah, we’ve been thinking about something along those lines. Actually for Tasty Planet 2 that was one of our ideas, but we went with the time traveling thing. The tricky bit is not offending people from different countries too much! (But rest assured that if we did a Canada level, there would be more maple syrup, mounties, and hockey players than you would have ever imagined possible)

  • Tim said,

    Do you make TP3 in 3D?Because I think is better to let the game in 2D(Top View)

  • Jackson said,

    Is in TP2 a “Gravity Well” cheat,like in TP1?

  • James said,

    TP3 will be in 2D.

  • James said,

    No, there isn’t a gravity well. That was kind of a neat feature of TP1, but the physics system in TP2 is completely different, which would have made that feature difficult to implement.

  • Timmy said,

    In TP3 will be a level editor,so that the players can make their own levels?

  • James said,

    I’m not sure yet, but I’m not really planning on it. It would take a lot of work to make a level editor good enough for people to use… which would take time away from actually making levels for the game.

  • Maki said,

    When will you finish the TP3?I can`t wait for it!

  • marko123 said,

    Is in TP3 going to be time travel or something else?

  • Hii Zhe Xi said,

    i’ve try to go as far as I could go into the game nad finish the game. But somehow when I come to the 2 players, there is 2 levels that have some problems:When 1 of the goo ate the black hole, either at Final Frontier or All The Way Down, the other goo that did not ate the black hole, it could not eat anything until the other goo reach the size where the camera zoom out.

  • Hii Zhe Xi said,

    there is one wrong spelliing, the wird “nad” is supposed to be typed as ” and”.

  • James said,

    TP3 won’t be time travel. We’ve been thinking of a few ideas – right now the top one is an around the world theme (eating your way through different countries).

  • marki123 said,

    OK ,I like that idea. When will the game be finished? :)

  • James said,

    The game is finished! Get it at dingogames.com :)

  • Nonething said,

    Wow! this good!
    I make game like this!!!(but more eat things.

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