Tasty Planet 2 Mockup

Posted by James on February 11, 2010 under Tasty Planet | 9 Comments to Read

We’re hard at work on Tasty Planet 2. This is roughly what we’re aiming at for the visuals (click to see full size):

This isn’t in-game. It’s just a rough mockup that Kris did in Photoshop but it should give you a good idea of what the game will look like. (Ignore the seams in the grass.)

You can see that we’re changing the design of the grey goo a bit. We haven’t animated it yet, but the idea is that the center mass with the eyes on it will lead the rest of it, so it will look like it has a trail of translucent goo behind it.

  • mrspockfan said,

    So far I like it. What’s not to love about slime.:)

  • Aradan said,

    I like it!

    I like the idea of the centre mass too.

    Nice. Thanks for the update mate.


  • Wendi said,

    These new designs don’t seem as “kiddie” as the original. The blob doesn’t lok as cute in these diagrams.

    Though these are just rough designs too.

  • James said,

    As you may know, there is a direct relationship between eyeball size and cuteness… So maybe the eyes need to be bigger. 😉

  • bryan said,

    the eyes are fine,if you ask me. but you probaly did not.

  • James said,

    You can see in the recent screenshots that we did increase the size of the eyes a bit (relative to the goo size).

  • hugo said,

    1 eye is more a monster look

  • franx said,

    TP2:Back for seconds is much better

  • aymane said,

    i love this game

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