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Posted by James on May 7, 2010 under Tasty Planet | 12 Comments to Read

Often times I want the creatures in Tasty Planet to follow a path. For example, if I wanted a car to follow a road, in the correct lane, and then make a few turns along the road, I could define a path for it to follow. I added a path creation feature to the level editor a few weeks ago to help me quickly define paths.

The art here is all old, but you can see a few test paths that I have created. The curve will go through the red points and be guided by the blue points (so I can sharp turns or smooth turns). If you’ve ever used an illustration or drawing program, it is similar to that. In Tasty Planet 1 I didn’t have a path editor, so I had to define the paths by manually entering coordinates into an XML file… not fun, and virtually impossible to do anything other than straight paths with occasional turns.

On a side note, the little ants that you might be able to make out in the screen shot are actually highly explosive… You see, I was implementing an explosion feature and I didn’t have any levels with objects that are actually supposed to be explosive, so I made the ants explode on contact with anything they touch… Not for the final game, but highly entertaining.

  • Iramatak said,

    Exploding ants? YES.

  • Strawberry said,

    Wow, the game will make progress faster with all these tools! Is it with the path editor that you set a object to go after the grey goo? Like following and trying to eat it.

  • James said,

    No, the path editor is for defining a fixed path that I want an object to travel on. The object will try to stay on that path without leaving it. The grey goo is constantly moving around the level, so there is no way to create a path that will lead to it.

    Most moving objects have a few possible behaviour states that they can be in (FOLLOW_PATH, ATTACK, EVADE, etc.). For example, the police cars in Tasty Planet 1 has the default state of following a path along a road (FOLLOW_PATH). However, if he detects that a grey goo is nearby he might change state from FOLLOW_PATH to ATTACK, at which point he will leave the path and start going towards the grey goo. If the grey goo is bigger than him, of course, he will try to EVADE (drive away) instead.

  • mrspockfan said,

    I’m with Ira. You have got to leave the exploding ants in the game. This is going to be so much fun.

  • Kren said,

    I think exploding ants are awesome! But if you ask me, bonus/secret levels are one of the things TP1 lacked. So, you could put exploding ants in a level that is unlocked after completing the level set where you are around the size of ants (TP1 equivalent is “Outside” if I remember correctly), similar to the “Eat 300 aphids” and “Eat 300 cats” levels. However, the completion of the level with exploding ants should be difficult but optional, or fun and entertaining. Or both. What do you think, guys?

  • James said,

    Yes, there are a bunch of unlockable bonus levels – exploding ants is one of them.

  • bryan said,

    it was the eat 300 aphids and eat 150 levels Kren!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bryan said,

    oops i left out cats.
    IT WAS EAT 300 APHIDS AND EAT 150 CATS KREN!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kren said,

    in order:
    Yes! awesome! thanks!
    I know. I made a mistake. I am human.
    I know. We have both made a mistake now, and you shouldn’t use all caps. It makes it seem like you’re yelling.

  • bryan said,

    i was yelling!

  • rihardsix said,

    but where to download path editor?

  • Nonething said,

    Where i find this level? or this level in TP3?

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