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Posted by James on April 1, 2010 under Tasty Planet | 14 Comments to Read

The level editor is used to design and build all of the game’s levels. In Tasty Planet 1 the level editor was extremely basic. It had no copy/paste, no undo/redo, and much of the level data actually had to be defined manually in XML files. I had built a pretty good level editor for Three Musketeers so I decided to reuse it for Tasty Planet 2, as I had done with the animation editor.

The editor has all of the important features that we need to make levels quickly. Here are some of them:

  • Creation of all the different object types that we need
  • Rotate and scale objects
  • Cut, copy and paste
  • Unlimited levels of undo and redo
  • Zoom in and out so we can see small details or the whole level at the same time
  • Andy said,

    Thanks for the updates James. The editors look like they will help you out alot in creating TP2. Must have taken a lot of thought and time to create these tools.

    Keep at it you two, we look forward to hearing more as the game progresses.


  • mrspockfan said,

    Just adding my support.

  • Wendi said,

    Fantastique! Me, hoping to go into game design, all of this info is simply fascinating!

  • Strawberry said,

    It’s looking so cool! I wonder if there will be a connection between the end of the first game with the begining story of this one… I also have a feeling the grey goo will travel through time.

  • bryan said,

    strawberry(also the name of my favorite fruit)the goo will travel through time.i`m not helping out with the game but if you have any other question just post them. i might answer.

  • mihai 72 said,

    Hello.I have a qestion.Where I can download it?Can I play it or is just the program you use for making the game???

  • James said,

    This was just a tool that I used to make Tasty Planet: Back for Seconds. The level editor isn’t available for download anywhere. (It would be hard for anyone but me to use anyways)

  • mihai 72 said,

    Ok.Tanks for answer.

  • little froggy said,

    You’re so a luky man! I will like to have the level editor.

  • david 119 said,

    You can tell me what program you used for level editor?

  • James said,

    I made it in the same way as the game. Programmed in C++ using Microsoft Visual C++ (XCode on Mac), and the Playground SDK for graphics.

  • jkjfcc@zszs.fr said,

    i love this game so much

  • Nonething said,

    From Which level is The Picture?

  • James said,

    @Nonething – I think it was an early test level. It turned into the various dinosaur bone levels.

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