Console Commands

Posted by James on June 15, 2010 under General | 2 Comments to Read

During development it is extremely helpful to be able to enter “cheat” codes. Often I want to quickly get to a certain part of a level to test out a new feature – so I need the ability to grow the goo quickly to a certain size or to increase the game speed. To do this I implemented a console screen in development mode, which allows me to type in commands. These commands are actually processed by the scripting language Lua, so they can be as simple or as complicated as I need them to be.

In addition to cheat codes, I can also quickly implement rarely used or complicated editing features instead of going through the trouble of adding a graphical user interface. Using Lua makes this particularly easy because the console commands act as a true programming language. I can query the status of certain game elements, store things in variables… anything that I need to do.

Having a console makes many aspects of development of much easier – that’s why so many games have consoles built in.

The game is really coming along. A lot of the art and levels are done. I’ll be posting some new screenshots and maybe a video soon.

  • Iramatak said,

    I think a video would be really cool. 😀

  • Andy said,

    Hey James,
    Thanks for another update. Its nice to see the progress of the game as its developed from an outside point of view.

    We awate with excitement for the Video.


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